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A Steinway Project

Welcome.  There are many pictures on this site and the piano is now complete.  A conclusive chronicle of the final events and outcome are forthcoming.  Please, enjoy and try the links just below this line.
Updated 9/29/03.

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Make:  Steinway
Origin:  New York
Model:  B
Style:  1905 Victorian Mahogany
Serial #:  114869
1st Delivered to Steinerts, Boston.
Soundboard replaced 1985
Pinblock and bridges also 1985
Restrung in 2002
Refinished 9/02-3/03
Hammers:  New York Steinway
Action:  Stanwood / Renner 


A Little History:

Around the time this piano was produced, Steinway was entering into the new century having lost perhaps its greatest leader. 1896 was the year of William Steinway's death. At, and leading up to, this time, the factory always produced pianos to a high standard. While much of the technical innovation is owed to his father and brothers, it was William who pioneered through all of the competition to achieve an amount of name recognition that created the higher priced market for these instruments. It also allowed for quality to continue to be financed into every aspect of their turn-of-the-century manufacture. His passing was a milestone, as the legacy had been created and left in the custody of future generations.


There are a few people, without whose shared expertise, this piano would neither look as it does, nor play as I hope it will. I have come across many of the finest craftsman and people I have ever met while becoming more involved with these instruments. Just some additions to the fall board:

John von Rohr, Jon Page, Steve Kilroy, Chris Robinson, Dennis Chupp, Kevin DeSano, Jimmy Maggio, Kanta Kahn, Myles and Michael (Country Piano), Bill Spurlock, Steve Van Natten.